Tiny Turnip’s Tourist’s Guide to Seattle

Tiny Turnip’s Tourist’s Guide to Seattle

It’s that time of year when MLB players' families and fans alike head to the MLB All-Star Game! Every year it is in a new location and this year it will be held in Seattle, Washington! 

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Tiny Turnip’s Tourist’s Guide to Seattle

Attention fans heading to Seattle!

It’s that time of year when MLB players' families and fans alike head to the MLB All-Star Game! Every year it is in a new location and this year it will be held in Seattle, Washington! 

“This is an event that all of us at Tiny Turnip really look forward to being a part of,” says Rachel Luzi, founder, illustrator and co-designer of Tiny Turnip. “It’s a time to get creative and release an exclusive collection featuring new artwork that reflects the city where the All-Star game will take place.” 

The Tiny Turnip team had a lot of fun creating the MLB All-Star collection this year! Come with us as we show you our newly released artwork and take you on a mini tour of Seattle including some spots you will NOT want to miss. There is so much more to see beyond the All-Star Game itself!

Let’s start in Fremont, WA. This bohemian neighborhood is located on the canal about 10-15 minutes north of Downtown Seattle. Complete with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, art and…the Fremont Troll!

Did you know?

The Fremont Troll is the unofficial mascot of Seattle’s eclectic neighborhood of Fremont. The Troll was sculpted by artists Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead who joined together and won a competition sponsored by the Fremont Arts Council and was decided by public vote at the Fremont Fair in 1990. The massive sculpture towers eighteen feet tall and weighs 13,000 pounds and has become an iconic symbol that both locals and tourists alike flock to in Seattle to view and take photos with.

Fremont Troll: North 36th Street, Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Fun Fact:

Steve Badanes (one of The Troll’s artists) is married to Seattle based artist, Linda Beaumont, who creates paintings, sculptures and large scale installations for public spaces. Her art includes The Tempest 1998-1999 which happens to be located at T-Mobile Park! When at the All-Star Game be sure to venture to the home plate gate and concourse to view her majestic chandelier made of 1,500 translucent baseball bats. 

T-Mobile Park: 1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Next up…

Travel down south from Fremont into the heart of Downtown Seattle and check out The Gum Wall located in Post Alley under Pike Place. This is something you have got to see! 

Did you know?

This 50 foot long and 15 feet high gum wall is one of Seattle’s top tourist draws while also being, perhaps, Seattle’s grossest attraction.There were early attempts to clean up the wall and remove the gum only for more gum to be plastered across the wall. Therefore, in 1999, The Gum Wall was declared an official Seattle attraction.When visiting this colorful, yet disgusting, attraction be sure to buy some gum, chew it and stick it right on to The Gum Wall!

The Gum Wall: 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101


After photos with the Fremont Troll and sticking your gum on the famous Gum Wall, step back and admire the beautiful cityscape of Seattle. This skyline includes the Space Needle standing at 605 feet tall being one of the most photographed structures around the world!

Hamilton Viewpoint Park: 1120 California Way SW, Seattle, WA 98116

We hope you enjoyed Tiny Turnip’s tourist’s guide to Seattle and learning about how we came up with designs for the 2023 All-Star collection. Be sure to tag @tinyturnip in photos of you and your family out and about in Seattle! Check out our ASG Collection Here!

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