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A Turnip Tale

A turnip is a vegetable whose, flavor is distinctive and unique…even a bit peculiar to some. While you can find “peas and carrots” wherever you dine, a turnip is rare and you may need to search and seek to find it. You may need to special order it or perhaps, even grow it in your own garden…thus the flavor and mission of Tiny Turnip. Our mission is to offer unique, rare products and provide exceptional services. We strive to be different, unusual and remarkable.

We believe each of us is placed where we are, at the time we are for a reason and purpose. Created individually and uniquely, designed with special talents and gifts. Let’s not be “peas and carrots” but begin to embrace one another for our own unique qualities and gifts that we have been given. We are all turnips, after all.

The seeds of Tiny Turnip, were given to Rachel Luzi, born with a passion for creating, designing and illustrating. Following her passion, she was schooled in Art and Illustration, then began a career in Design. Upon becoming a Mom, she continued to take on creative projects and freelance work. Finally in 2003, the seeds of Tiny Turnip were planted.