About Us
A Turnip Tale

Ever since she was a child, Rachel Luzi loved drawing and followed her passion, graduating with a BFA in Illustration and Design. In 2003, Rachel started her very own custom clothing line, Tiny Turnip, named after her other passion for gardening. One of her favorite vegetables, the humble turnip, is known for its unique color, durability, resilience and ability to be cultivated organically and sustainably, even at small scale, just like Tiny Turnip. “Tiny” reinforces the focus of the brand, “kids first” while “Turnip” reinforces just how unique the artwork and clothing is.

In 2006, a friend of Rachel’s and wife of a major league baseball player encouraged Rachel to cultivate a line of clothing for her family and the families of other players on the team.  Whenever a player was traded, their new team members would ask where they got their family’s unique gameday clothing.  Over time, this single relationship grew into relationships with hundreds of families across all 30 MLB teams and even getting officially licensed by MLB in 2016.

In 2012, Jalynne Crawford - a former star gymnast at UCLA, wife of Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants, and a soon-to-be mom, was gifted a Tiny Turnip blanket and other baby items from another player’s family.  Jalynne immediately fell in love and, a passionate clothing designer herself, started collaborating with Rachel to cultivate specialty mom and kid-focused designs for her own growing family and for the wives and families of other Giants players.  

In 2020, Jalynne officially joined Rachel as a co-owner, managing partner, and co-chief designer at Tiny Turnip, to help create new Tiny Turnip designs, and make them available to more MLB families and fans.  A family friend of the Crawfords (and an avid fan of the Cubbies), Raj Sultanian, also joined the team in 2020 as a co-owner and partner to help Rachel and Jalynne scale Tiny Turnip’s retail and business operations.

Since then, Tiny Turnip has become one of the fastest growing licensed sports apparel makers in the world, with the largest catalog of unique, MLB-licensed designs (7,000+) made exclusively for women and kids, available online and in retail stores across the country for fans of all 30 MLB teams.  At the same Tiny Turnip has continued to expand its specialty boutique business that creates exclusive and custom-made items for the wives, families and friends of players.

In 2022, Tiny Turnip began expanding outside of MLB, earning a license for the Kentucky Derby, with further plans to expand into USGA, Collegiate, NFL, NBA and NHL over the coming years.