Tiny Turnip is an employee-owned, mom-powered, kids-first, and design-driven licensed sports apparel brand founded in 2006 by Rachel Luzi in San Clemente, California. Over the last 17 years, Tiny Turnip has transformed from a small boutique specializing in custom clothing for kids, into a fast-growing licensed sports apparel maker, and licensee of MLB, MLBPA and Churchill Downs.

Our mission is to cultivate a lifelong love of sports. We achieve this mission through kids-first, positive-association design – illustrations on apparel that immediately grab the interest of kids and gives kids a voice and agency in the way they celebrate sports. This unique approach has led to 2,500% revenue growth in licensed apparel for the company in just the last 3 years.

Our core values come from sports: teamwork, discipline, good sportsmanship, attention to detail, fun at play, service to others, and sustainability. We are committed designing and finishing our apparel in America.