Team up with the Crawfords and the McCutchens to "Catch a Cure" for Pediatric Cancer

We love children, and we hate cancer. Pediatric Cancer is a killer that does not discriminate. It affects children regardless of their age, gender, race or socioeconomic class.


The month of September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and Tiny Turnip is partnering with Rady Children’s Hospital, Major League Baseball players and their families across the league, including the Crawford and the McCutchen families, to raise funds and awareness. In this season, when we are unable to visit in person, and so many feel isolated and alone, we hope to shower these children with virtual love and support from around the country! We hope through this collaboration we will bring more awareness to these precious children and their families and hope to come closer to a cure. We invite you to get involved and help us Catch a Cure!

"These children are our heroes. They inspire us to find ways to help find a cure for them."


Pediatric cancer has always tugged at the hearts of the Crawford family. This cause has touched us personally with close family and friends. Our angels help us continue to fight to help prevent other families going through hardships that come with pediatric cancer.


Over the years we have been inspired by the Posey family and all their efforts with pediatric cancer through their BP28 charity.  As well as the McCutchen family who regularly visit cancer patients and love on the children in the hospitals. We have also been able to donate personal funds on a yearly basis as well as through our Brandon Crawford Baseball Camp.


The McCutchen's feel truly blessed to be a part of something that raises awareness for pediatric cancer.  "It is unfathomable what these children and their families have to go through, the battle they get up every day and fight. To be even the smallest bit of help in the finding of a cure, is an absolute honor. We have been drawn to this cause and it is so very dear to our hearts. As parents with kids of our own, we will do anything we can to help the fight so that these beautiful children will suffer no more."


Over the years, Tiny Turnip has created characters and artwork for children battling cancer, including children of Major League Baseball players. Founder and artist, Rachel Luzi and family have several dear friends who’s children were lost to cancer. “Using my gift to be able to create artwork and characters for these children and their families, has been a tangible way to show love and impact their lives while getting other’s involved in showing support as well.”


"Mighty Miles" and "Team Adri" were a couple of those collaborations, that allowed MLB players across the leagues to show support to the families of teamates during their battle. Miles was lost to cancer in 2018 and his family has since started their foundation Smiles 4 MilesAfter five years, Adri relapsed in June 2020, and is again fighting a brave battle against leukemia.



The idea behind the “Catch A Cure" artwork was envisioned by partners, Jalynne Crawford and Rachel Luzi. Since the color for pediatric cancer is gold, Jalynne thought of a Gold Glove catching a ball, with the slogan "Catch a Cure." Rachel drew it up and the details include two gold ribbons and nine words that describe these brave children with “hero"  in the center. Nine words were chosen because Sept is the the 9th month of the year, there are nine players on the baseball field and nine innings in a game.



100% of Profits from the sale of items in the “Catch A Cure”  collection will benefit The Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego. The Peckham Center is home to a full range of specialized cancer treatments and hematology services, as well as psychosocial resources, life-after-cancer programs and pace-setting clinical research. As a not-for-profit hospital that ranks among the top pediatric hospitals in the country, Rady Children's relies on philanthropy to continue to provide world-class care to more than 250,000 children each year.

  • Only 4% of federal cancer funding supports Pediatric Cancer
  • Rady Children’s Hospital is the largest children’s hospital in CA and treats more than 237,000 kids each year – that’s enough to fill Petco Park 6 times!
  • Nearly every day at Rady Children’s, a family learns their child has cancer
  • All funds raised will support Rady Children’s Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders where philanthropy is crucial to provide the best care to patients
  • Philanthropy supports programs that are not covered by insurance, such as integrative medicine, healing touch therapy, canine therapy visits, and oncology research
We hope that you will help us “Catch A Cure" by purchasing items from our website and sharing this blog post and collaboration on your social media and in your communities around the country! Together we can make a difference, bring smiles to these beautiful children faces and get closer to catching a cure!


Thank you!

Jalynne Crawford


  • Jeff Boatman

    Thank you for your beautiful work here. Our family are huge Crawford and Posey fans, both on and off the field, and the fact that there is more out there than just baseball. God and family reigns strong in our hearts, and the passion to help those that need it the most. I have been dealing with my own cancer for nearly 10 years now. And one of the biggest reasons that keeps me pushing on is seeing little ones going through it to. It’s heartbreaking! I would gladly take their pain for them if I could. You all are Godsends for the deeds you are trying to accomplish to help these little angels conquer this battle. God bless you and your families.

  • Ofelia Kurec

    Can I purchase shirts with Mighty Miles on it? I was his first grade teacher and try to support his family as much as possible.

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