The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation - “Slava Ukraini”

The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation - “Slava Ukraini”

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Our mission is to create a lifelong love of sports.  Like all of you, we were heartbroken to witness the events in Ukraine over the last two weeks. We needed to do something to help, so we decided to use our resources to create a brand new design collection solely in support of the people of Ukraine, and, as always, we will donate 100% of profits from this collection to help support a worthy cause - in this case The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation

Tiny Turnip chose this charity specifically because they use the arts to help children overcome psychological damage from traumatic military conflicts. Voices of Children is especially geared toward helping children who find it difficult to describe in words their emotions, feelings, fears. For many of us, art is an amazing outlet to work through the emotions born from trauma, and we know first-hand how beneficial the arts can be in healing the heart and soul of children. 

Designed by Rachel Luzi, this design collection features a heart in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, being held up and supported by people of all nations.  In the middle of the heart we have drawn in the words “Slava Ukraini” which translates to “Glory to Ukraine,” a slogan for Ukrainian solidarity.   Our design simultaneously conveys a show of support for the Ukrainian people, awareness of this cause, and love for the children of Ukraine.

The tragic events in Ukraine offer the space for the world to come together to support Ukrainian citizens in their struggles, honor their loved one’s memories, and spread awareness in their names.  The money we raise will allow The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation to contribute to the healthy development of children, and in turn all of Ukrainian society, over the coming years. 

Thank you for helping us support this worthy cause.


Slava Ukraini!


- Tiny Turnip Team





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